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Hello and welcome to this blog. As my first blog post, I want to give you a brief idea of what you can expect if you come to this corner booth in the internet cafe of information. My goal is to provide you with information that you find light, short, and easy to read within a few minutes of your day. If you look on the main page of this website toward the bottom you will see a subscribe button. If you find the content of this blog useful or helpful and would like to receive regular updates in your mailbox you can click on that and provide me your email address, and the blog posts will come directly.

If you are an existing client and receiving the “thought for the day” emails on a regular basis, these blog posts will be extensions of that content with a little more detail or deeper analysis. The frequency will not be as often since I have limited time to write outside of my time of engaging in the therapy work I am doing, but my hope and goal is to consistently post one at least once a week.

I would also like to encourage you to add your comments to topics covered as well as providing me with questions or topics you would like to know more about. I am excited about engaging in this journey with you! Welcome!

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