Video Counseling

Telehealth Counseling in your home or wherever is convenient for you

In these intense times that we are experiencing, it is good to process  and share your emotions.

I specialize in offering telehealth counseling services by video or phone to clients in Pennsylvania and Colorado.   

I can help you talk through your concerns and develop tools and strategies that are time-tested and proven to help in times of need.


Get the help you need in a safe and convenient way where your privacy is protected.


Disclosing the fact that you are in or exploring a non-traditional relationship (anything outside of heteronormative monogamy) can sometimes feel daunting.  With me, you can talk about these issues because as your counselor, I have also experienced this firsthand and as a result have well-versed myself in knowing the ins and outs of alternative relationship lifestyles.  Again, it is critically important to feel safe in a counseling environment and to know that you are being understood and heard.


Finding a counselor who specializes in this area and is culturally-competent is really critical.  To have a counselor who has lived the experience of being trans and queer helps you to not feel the need to explain everything about it to them.  Instead of educating them, you get to spend your time working WITH them on your concerns and issues.


Autism and Neuro-diversity have become an area of experience for me over the years that has really required me to explore how we think, behave, and process information from an entirely different light.  As a neuro-typical therapist, I don’t claim to by any means be an expert in this area but do have a long history of working with this population and gleaning more and more information over time about how to best serve issues such as social storying, masking, sensory integration and executive function in relation to other mental health issues and concerns.  I have also developed a deep respect for the vast amount of skill, knowledge, intellect, and ability that often gets overlooked in people on the spectrum.


About Morgan

I have been working in the care industry over the past twenty five years and in mental health a vast majority of that time. On occasion, I’ve asked myself, “Why?” ~ why did you choose this as a place to land? I quickly realized that the answer is simply the people and connections I make while watching them transform their lives into what they want them to be.

I am deeply committed to the value of compassion, empathy, and human connection. That’s what I have always focused on, and been so deeply connected with enriching experiences in my work that I cannot begin to exhaust, here. Whether it be my work in the emergency department seeing people in crisis, my work as a gender therapist working with queer and trans folx, or addressing relationship challenges with poly, kink and consensually non-monogamous partners, I gain most from the connection and progress we make. 

Ironically, my clients are often coming to get help or guidance from me but it ends up that we both grow from the therapeutic relationship. The connections and community I experience with my clients propels me to get up every morning and embrace my career with curiosity and excitement!

My work is a collaboration- two or more experts in the room, I like to call it. With the work we do, we do it together- you, knowing yourself better than anyone else, and me having grown in my experience and knowledge of tools and techniques that have been proven to bring positive results in helping people fell better and revitalized.

I am excited to get to know you, hear your story, and explore possibilities, while holding a space that feels safe, friendly, and purposeful.


You are working with a licensed and experienced counselor with time-tested and proven results.

I use proven strategies of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as many other modalities to help clients look at who and what are important to them and generate strategies of addressing issues and concerns that are getting in the way of those values.  I place utmost importance on fostering a therapeutic relationship with my clients that both provides a safe container for them to process their issues and helps them to move forward in their lives. I am also brutally honest about referring clients to other counselors if the connection between them and me is not a good fit.